Time is TBD | 34 Avenue Victor Hugo

Why am I single?

How to get over hang-ups and misconceptions to find the one of your dreams.

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Time is TBD
34 Avenue Victor Hugo, 34 Avenue Victor Hugo, 1750 Luxembourg

About the Event

People seem to have a lot of complicated answers to that question and probably all the answers play a role. From a therapist’s standpoint, the answer is usually much simpler: it’s You! More precisely, your crooked ideas!

People tend to get caught up in peripheral reasons of why they are single and sometimes they can’t see the forest for the trees. That is why LiREBT is offering a workshop on how to overcome your crooked ideas that may be keeping you single.

This workshop is unique because it’s a small group; the content is evidence based and not pop-psychology; we use real life examples - your examples; the workshop is dynamic and can adapt to the participant’s needs; and should be fun!

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