Luxembourg institute for

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

The institute was founded with two major goals in mind. 

Firstly, LiREBT aims to advance the understanding of psychological and emotional problems in our community. Too often people with emotional / psychological problems feel alone and shunned. It is our opinion, that this is a direct result of the lack of available information and understanding. It should be understood that all people at some point in their lives have problems. We can help address them and provide support.


Secondly, and in conjunction with the above mentioned goal, LiREBT promotes the theory and practice of REBT. To meet this goal, we offer a more diverse access to REBT than would an individual practice. We offer group therapies, workshops (professional and client oriented), seminars and courses. In the tradition of the Albert Ellis Institute in New York City, Friday Night workshops are also offered. FNWs are for anyone who would  like to learn more about REBT through a live anonymous demonstration. Furthermore, we are available for networking, think-tanks and information exchange with other schools of psychotherapy and non-psychotherapy oriented institutions that may be looking for new impulses. 

The Luxembourg Institute for Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy is an internationally recognized REBT institution. LiREBT, further, works in close cooperation with the German REBT institute in Würzburg, Germany. The Luxembourg institute is also ever working to increase cooperation and exchange with other REBT institutes worldwide. 


Striving to give all facets of Luxembourg's diverse culture access to good mental health. 


Psychotherapy, our main function, is used to help people either overcome or better live with psychological problems. However, it also is useful in helping people who are just having trouble in their everyday life because of self-worth issues, conflicts with spouses, children or co-workers, procrastination, shame or guilt. 


With our diverse offer of themed workshops, lectures, seminars and our open forum and very popular Friday Night Workshops we give multi-cultural Luxembourg an abundance of ways to get acquainted with REBT while learning how to better help themselves overcome problems and achieve their personal best. 

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Future Endevours

Soon, LiREBT will offer training in REBT, both a primary certificate and an advanced certificates. We will be offering HR-corporate consulting and programs for Rational Emotive Education. LiREBT will also expand its practicum and research projects. 


Who we are

LiREBT Director & Psychotherapist: Robert Blanke

  • Diplom-Psychologe (post graduate, licensed psychologist) with a major in clinical psychology and forensic psychiatry

  • Supervisor for the Albert Ellis Institute NYC

  • REBT – Therapist and Business Coach 

  • Albert Ellis Institute Associate Fellow

  • Private psychotherapy practice in Luxembourg


REBT Expert & Supervisor: Dr. Burkhard Hoellen

  • Doctorate in psychology

  • Diplom-Psychologe (post graduate, licensed psychologist) with a major in clinical psychology

  • Albert Ellis Institute Supervisor & Associate Fellow

  • Private psychotherapy practice in Merzig, Germany


Rational Emotive Education – REE: Dipl. Psych. Iris Blanke

  • Diplom-Psychologe (post graduate, licensed psychologist) with a major in industrial and organisational psychology 

  • International recognized expert for pedagogical evaluations

  • Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, Luxembourg, Luxembourg


REBT Expert: Dr. Siggy Rausch

  • General Practitioner in private practice, Luxembourg

  • Medical degree (PhD) from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

  • Docent at the University of Luxembourg and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

  • Trainer for "Motivational Interviewing"



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